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Our certified planning staff has worked with state agencies, cities, towns, villages, counties, MPOs, regional planning organizations, non-profits and community groups throughout the Northeast. We offer several areas of expertise - browse below to see the full menu of services we provide or view the Planning4Places Services Brochure.


Land Use

Our planning staff have developed everything from municipal and regional comprehensive plans to land use regulations, design guidelines, and recreation and open space plans. 

Comprehensive Plans

  • Municipal level plans

  • County plans

  • Regional & multi-municipal plans

Design Guidelines & Standards

  • Streetscape

  • Land use

  • Transportation

  • Signage


Open Space & Recreational Plans

  • Municipal master plans

  • Local & regional trail planning

  • Regional open space plans

Site Planning, Strategic & Revitalization Plans

  • Land development reviews

  • Town Center designs

  • Conservation subdivisions

  • Brownfields & Main Street revitalization

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

  • Ordinance updates & rewrites

  • Form-based codes

Waterfront Planning

  • Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans

  • Waterfront access & shoreline planning

  • Real-world blueway knowledge

Land Use

Public Engagement

The Planning4Places difference - we  think about meeting logistics, engagement,  methods to increase participation, and ways to build consensus. From location logistics to room acoustics and layout options, meeting format and attendee comfort, we develop new engagement opportunities for each and every project and bring along the expertise and experience we have from our past work. We create project-specific interactive methods and outreach options to solicit input, build community support, and unique engagement options for each community.

Public Meeting Facilitation

  • Running meetings

  • Providing meeting support

  • Identifying unique opportunities

  • Working to reach those not typically engaged 

  • Going to where the people are - not requiring them to come to us

Focus Groups & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Breakout group planning & execution

  • Stakeholder engagement

 Outreach Strategies

  • Traditional paper and pen surveys

  • Online 24/7/365 surveys

  • In-person survey options

  • Website development

Public Engagement
6) Moderated Discussion & Demo. Projects


We have focused our transportation planning practice on the direct link between land use and transportation - one really can't be properly assessed

and planned without the other. Our  transportation planning background covers just about all modes - from bicycling to transit, vehicular travel, freight, rail and aviation.

Complete Streets

  • Corridor plans & studies

  • Municipal-wide connectivity studies

  • Educational workshops

Land Use & Transportation Corridor Studies

  • Leaders in developing implementable plans

  • TOD and Town Center planning

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

  • Corridor & municipal planning

  • Multi-municipal planning

  • Professional advisory services

 Streetscape Design

  • Complete Streets planning-level design

  • Bicycle & pedestrian alignment assessment

  • Signage & streetscape design


Disaster Planning & Resiliency

Resiliency planning is unfortunately a greater need than ever before and something we think about in all our project work. Our staff's first entry into disaster planning came in 1998 handling elements of the impacts of a massive ice storm in the North Country of New York. Our expertise expanded significantly when we worked nearly full-time on Super Storm Sandy recovery work followed closely by significant recovery planning work after Hurricanes Irene and Lee. Our work continues today using our experience to help communities proactively plan for potential future disasters.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Existing Conditions Analysis

  • Municipal Annexes

  • Public Outreach & Engagement

  • Action Worksheets

  • County Capability Assessments

Project Cost Estimating

  • Planning-level cost estimating

  • Planning-level project determinations

Municipal-Level Resiliency

  • Municipal land use and economic development assessment

  • Project development &  justification

  • Transportation infrastructure impact planning

  • Land use & community vulnerability assessments

Disaster Planning
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